Temperature Control Sector

Unwanted heat transmission can be a major cause of concern if you are trying to control temperatures within your business environment. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to thermal break doors and we can tailor requirements to suit your needs. Our door applications can be used for freezer, chill and oven. They are durable due to high quality and our attention to detail in the design process means our doors can be tailored to exacting requirements when it comes to thickness and temperature requirements which also help to save on energy

Automotive Industry

We manufacture doors for the automotive sector which are compliant with health and safety standards. Our door applications for the automotive sector cover a wide variety of needs including spray booths, workshops and factories. With the ability to manufacture doors up to four metres high and four metres wide, whatever your requirements. We are also able to manufacture shopfront fully glazed doors and windows.

Healthcare Sector

We have developed a variety of doors suitable for this sector. Our cleanroom doors incorporate seamless finish with drop down seals and flush windows suitable for ISO cleanroom standards. Our doors can be used in consulting rooms, Hospital theatres, as well as Laboratories. We can do hinged and sliding doors for cleanroom applications and designs specific to your requirements.

Agricultural Industry

With specific doors manufactured for poultry houses consisting of pop holes made within legal requirements we are able to offer our own design in aluminium and Aluzinc both rust free, all colours as required. With seals to prevent light ingress. We can manufacture muck doors up to 4 metres high and 4 metres wide for ease of cleaning equipment with wicket door options available. Personnel doors for production areas and windows also available. Steel doors for general grain stores and farm buildings also available.

Manufacture Sector

With the wealth of experience of our staff and a large selection of machinery (Punch, Press brakes, Guillotines, Saws and more) we are able to offer other manufacturing capabilities for your products. From steel units to parts from your drawings or working with our design team to develop prototypes and then your chosen product.

Health & Safety Sector

Increasing legislation for specifically for fire related applications has meant the requirement for inspection and assessment of door solutions not only fire testing certification but the installation and maintenance of the door. We are able to offer a one stop shop to fulfil these requirements.